5 Pieces of Information Your Funeral Director May Want to Know

Honouring the life and passing of a loved one is a significant and emotional process for families, friends, colleagues, and everything in between. Our compassionate funeral director team at Southall Funeral Service is here for you every step…

How Does One Arrange a Catholic Funeral Service?

Have you recently lost a loved one in the Catholic faith? Southall Funeral Service is knowledgeable and experienced in these moments, becoming the "preferred funeral director" for the local religious community. We deeply respect the beliefs…
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5 Services That Are Typically Offered by a Funeral Director

Whether anticipated or not, losing a loved one is never an easy experience to bear. That moment in time can be incredibly painful and disorienting, leaving you without a single clue as to which step to take next. This is when you seek the unmatched…
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How to Arrange a Humanist Funeral Service In London

If you've recently lost a loved one, the stress and emotional toll may seem unbearable. You may want to find closure and peace through a sentimental celebration of the life of the deceased. Most funerals tend to offer peace by focusing on…

How to Hold an Eco Friendly Green Funeral

How to Hold an Eco Friendly/Green Funeral It is never easy writing about an ethical death. It is, however, something that has to be discussed. With the world population being close to 8 billion and about 150,000 deaths being recorded globally…
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