How to Hold an Eco Friendly/Green Funeral

It is never easy writing about an ethical death. It is, however, something that has to be discussed. With the world population being close to 8 billion and about 150,000 deaths being recorded globally per day, thinking about the environmental impact of death is important. If you want to take the step to reduce carbon footprint, limit waste, and nourish the local ecosystem after you pass on, here are some of the things you should consider doing.  

Use a biodegradable coffin 

If you still want a natural burial, to safeguard the environment, you need to opt for a biodegradable coffin. This is a great choice because a biodegradable coffin reduces carbon emissions by up to 50 percent as compared to the traditional coffins. The best thing is there are so many options to pick from when it comes to eco-friendly coffins. They include Fair Trade-certified bamboo, banana leaf, cardboard, rattan, hand-woven willow, seagrass, and wool. 

Environmentally conscious urn 

The best alternative to traditional funerals is cremation. There are so many alternatives including alkaline hydrolysis which is a new option in which the body is dissolved in an alkaline solution. The method is being practiced in a couple of places in Canada and the US and may be available in the UK soon. But what happens after cremation will determine how eco-friendly your funeral is. The key is to go for the eco-friendly urns. There are so many options here including urns made from pine needles, leaves, and even salt. If you wish for the ashes to be buried, there are biodegradable urns that can be planted. Such urns are made of things like a coconut shell and filled with compacted peat and seeds of a tree of your choice. Once planted, the seeds germinate into a plant. 

Sharing rides

The journey to your funeral will contribute to pollution as family and friends drive to the funeral. For a completely green funeral, as invitations are being sent out, you should encourage guests to share rides. 

Thinking about a green funeral is very important. The best thing is funeral directors will give you several options to pick from.

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