The Standardised Funeral Option.

Southall Funeral Service is wholly owned by Mrs Jennifer Tiney, Mr Michael Tiney & Mr David Tiney.

In-line with the regulations, we are not able to provide a donation register, as we do not make any contribution to any charity, the only exception is when a family wish for us to handle any donations on their behalf.

We have stopped the practice of giving gratuities to anyone connected within the funeral industry and therefore are not able to publish this information

In-line with current regulations set by the Competition and Markets Authority, Southall Funeral Service, hereby introduces the The Standardised Funeral Option.

The Standardised Funeral Options does come with some limitations, being its only available Monday through to Friday, between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

Its Lists the following:

Attended Funeral – this is where family and friends can attend the service

Unattended Funerals – this is where no family or friends can attend the service, sometimes know as a direct funeral