Have you recently lost a loved one in the Catholic faith? Southall Funeral Service is knowledgeable and experienced in these moments, becoming the “preferred funeral director” for the local religious community. We deeply respect the beliefs of your beloved and will do everything we can to facilitate a Catholic funeral in accordance with these beliefs.

How to Arrange a Catholic Funeral Service

Contact the Priest of the Deceased

Upon the passing of your loved one, contact the priest who knew your loved one the best. He may already be aware of your loved one’s passing as he will have read the Last Rites before death. He will pray with you and offer you comfort during this hard time.

The two of you can discuss when and where is best for the prayer vigil, funeral mass, and committal. If you are planning a traditional Catholic service and wish to have the priest present through the entire process, you will need to find a day that works best with his schedule.

Plan the Prayer Vigil, Funeral Mass, and Committal

Prayer Vigil

The prayer vigil occurs the night before the funeral and may be held in the church, at the departed’s home, or in a chapel of rest here at Southall. The priest will read scriptures and pray with those present.

Sometimes called “reception of the body”, a prayer vigil is a time of remembrance for your loved one and comfort for those left behind. Friends and family may also offer tributes during this time.

Funeral Mass

A traditional Catholic ceremony is called a Requiem Mass, which includes the Eucharistic Prayer and Holy Communion. During this ceremony, the coffin is sprinkled with holy water, then placed on a catafalque and covered with a special cloth called a pall. A Bible and Crucifix may be placed on the casket as well.

After the opening songs and prayers, a funeral liturgy is performed by a family member, friend, or the priest who will read a passage from the old testament and a psalm. A eulogy will be delivered at this time. During mass, Catholic mourners will receive holy communion and non-Catholics will receive a blessing from the priest. Prayers are delivered and holy water is sprinkled on the casket before it is taken away.

The Committal

The committal is a brief service held at the graveside where the resting place is blessed by the priest. Final prayers are said and last scriptures are recited. It is to be noted that Catholics have firm beliefs around the body of the deceased. Although cremation is now accepted in the Catholic faith, the ashes must be kept together and buried in consecrated ground.

Personalise the Details

Your priest will very likely help you decide on the details of the funeral such as scriptures, prayers, and music. However, you can personalise the service by choosing all of these details along with which of the friends and family will bear the coffin, what items may go in the coffin, and bringing up the bread and wine during mass.

You can also decide on who will speak in memory of your beloved and offer prayers during the service. “Into Your Hands”, a book prepared for the Bishops’ Conference, contains helpful advice on planning this sacred ceremony.

We are committed to helping you with any and all details of the funeral. For help every step of the way, 24/7, ring us any time at Southall Funeral Service so we can bear some of your burdens during this trying time.