funeral service advice for UK deaths

Whether anticipated or not, losing a loved one is never an easy experience to bear. That moment in time can be incredibly painful and disorienting, leaving you without a single clue as to which step to take next. This is when you seek the unmatched assistance of a funeral director: supportive pillars for grieving families in their hour of need.


5 Services That Are Typically Offered by a Funeral Director


1. Removal and Hygienic Treatment of the Deceased

Their responsibility to orchestrate the logistics for the recently deceased begins with the gathering of their remains, if that is a service you require. To ease your initial stress, this service is often included with professional funerary provisions for no additional charge if your location is within a predetermined range of the funeral home. If your location happens to be outside that range, there is usually a fee of less than one pound for every extra mile they must travel.


2. Personalisation for Your Desired Memorial

No one can best choose how to celebrate your loved one than you. With this service, you can opt for ceremony arrangements, coffin pieces, bouquets, or gravestone customisations that convey the true significance of your loved one. You can also specify the religious figure you wish to hire. If you wish to turn away from burials altogether, you can cremate your loved one so that you may keep their ashes with you or release them along with a gentle breeze in the garden of remembrance of the crematorium.


3. Notifying Loved Ones Left Behind

After organising the memorial service, morticians collaborate with you on how best to inform surrounding friends and family. You may even grant them with specifications for a public obituary or private requests to the ceremony. They can inform others of your chosen ceremony details such as date/time and orating religious figure or when cremated remains are available to be collected or scattered if you wish to avoid such gatherings.


4. Transportation

Along with initially transferring your loved one to the funeral home, morticians also offer the service of transporting your loved one to your chosen cemetery following a funeral procession or to the crematorium and back. If you require additional medical services beforehand, they can transport your loved one to and from the facility of your choosing. Through your grieving, you never have to worry about the handling or care of your loved one.


5. Repatriation

Going the extra mile with long-distance transportation, morticians offer repatriation services to those who wish to bury their loved ones in their home country. They handle all third-party affiliations beyond your request as well as reassuring your loved one’s safeguarded arrival to the airport.

No single person can juggle the hefty anguish of mourning a lost loved one with the overseeing of complete funeral arrangements. To seek a professional that is meant to act as a barrier between yourself and your loved one’s memorial necessities, trust in Southall’s independent, family-run funeral home. The Tiney family will be sure to keep your final wishes for your loved one above all else.