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The Coroner of England & Wales

The main role of the Coroner is to investigate all sudden and unexpected deaths that occur throughout England and Wales (there are different procedures for Scotland).

  • Investigates all sudden, violent or unnatural deaths.
  • Authorises the person who has died in England and Wales to be moved out of the country.
  • Approves the documents that go with the body of a person who has died abroad and is brought back to England or Wales.
  • If the person who has died was not seen by a doctor during their last illness.
  • If the person who has died was not seen by the doctor who certified their death within 14 days before they died.
  • If the cause of death appears to be unknown.
  • If the death was unnatural, was directly of indirectly caused by an accident, by violence or by neglect or happened in suspicious circumstances.

    For a full list of circumstances please use the link at the end of this page.

  • The person who has died passes completely to the Coroner’s control until they issue an order for burial or cremation.

    Most Coroner’s may have their own Funeral Directors, who will carry out the removal of the person who has passed away and take them to the local Coroner’s mortuary at no expense to the family, the family are under no obligation to use these Funeral Directors for the funeral arrangements and my wish to chose their own preferred Funeral Directors to make any funeral arrangements.

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